Public Speaking Course Analysis

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I am Alexander Ingram, student of Ozark Technical Community College. This is my third year as a student at this school. I am studying in the design and drafting program with possibly only two semesters for my degree after this one. One of the more important courses I am taking during my scholar at this school besides the Drafting classes is Public Speaking. I recently gave a self introduction speech at the head of the Public Speaking classroom. This course will not only help me see several places where I could improve but, also I will learn methods to improve and ways to better inform, deliver, and persuade as on personable speech and general speaking in public.

With this speech, I expected for it to flow out smooth with light hesitation. Using the excuse …show more content…

I feel my eye contact was good but, it was between glances at my written speech. That will be resolved by more continuous read and rehearse of the speech. The rehearse with not only help with the hold of eye contact but, for my voice during delivery. My voice will be more comfortable as I will be. The rehearse will also have my body show my comfort which may lead to more leading gestures as I speak. As I were uncomfortable up there last week, I can see myself hardly moving as I searched myself for unprepared presentation. Gestures are important to share during the main topics of a speech. One of the best things I may gain from practice, rehearsal, and revision besides just comfortable body gestures at the appropriate time, is extemporaneous, which is spoken or done without preparation. That is something I would like to come naturally as I practice and rehearse my speeches to the point that they come out naturally as if they are not scripted. I would like to save this essay as reference of development goals of myself. I may use it during or after this class to admire my progress. Thank you for reading my personal reflection. Enjoy your

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