Public Veterans Should Not Have A Good Support Network Of Family

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One can deduce from these findings that overall local veterans do feel safe in their neighborhood and can get around the area ok. They also clearly have a good support network of family and are able to connect with other people sharing their religious beliefs. In addition to this most do say they have access to medical services, per the survey, but as my individual interviews point out the quality is clearly lacking. The survey data also points to a need for more services which my individual interviews point to as well. Conclusions and Recommendations Practically all older men used some health care, as did about three in four younger nonveterans or veterans not in VA care. West and Weeks (2009) states that Veterans in VA care were more…show more content…
Compared with urban VA users, rural users relied more profoundly on the VA and Medicare and less on private insurance or other sources to pay for their health care. West and Weeks (2009) confirms that for men 65 years or older, Medicare paid the most for care, and the average it paid for rural VA users was more than $500 higher than for other men. West and Weeks (2009) further confirms that private insurance and out of pocket payments also were considerable, combining to account for more than 25 percent of average total expenditures. West and Weeks (2009) finally states that older VA users got only about one-sixth of their medical care from the VA, so that the percentages of their care paid by Medicare, private insurance, and self/family were only somewhat lower than for other men. In summary, average medical expenditures were elevated for older men, VA users, and rural men, but among VA users younger than 65 years, expenses for rural veterans were considerably lower than for urban users. Urban-rural differences varied significantly across care categories. Medicare paid most for, and private insurance and self/family contributed to a large extent to, the medical care of older men, including VA users. Private insurance paid nearly
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