Publicizing Information in Propaganda Techniques

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Propaganda Techniques
Propaganda refers to any form of misleading information that meant to publicize a particular product, a service or an event. It is applicable in many and varied situations for different reasons to communicate to audiences. An unformed judgment would view propaganda as a technique applicable only in politics for posing unfair competition (Gardner). However, the contemporary business environment has recently advanced and perfected the use of propaganda in its numerous forms. The major propaganda techniques include assertion, bandwagon, card stacking, glittering generalities, lesser of two evils, name calling, pinpointing the enemy, plain folks, simplification, transfer and testimonials (Conserva).
The current day advertising techniques is widely employ propaganda to gain an extra advantage in popularizing products and edging out competitors. Testimonial technique is one of the widely applied approaches to advertising of goods and services (Shabo). Testimonials are the endorsement or quotations that connect highly popular or respected people with certain products or services. Testimonials are a form of transfer technique that usually incorrectly connects a personality with a product. The use of this propaganda technique usually attracts individuals into embracing the advertised brand having made an incorrect judgment.
Propaganda is popularly used in consumer goods commercials by the way of associating famous and highly reputed people in the society to

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