Puerto Rican Obituary by Pedro Pietri Essay

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In Puerto Rican Obituary, the Puerto Rican people from New York City struggle to attain the “American Dream” a dream that is unreal. The American dream was intended for people of
European descent, and sadly a cycle of Puerto Rican people overworked treated unfairly, were influenced by media symbols, and lived unfair housing system along with racial discrimination.
Hence, the Puerto Rican community kept dreaming or died not accomplishing the American dream. Pietri points out, Puerto Rican’s were hard workers, even though they did not get compensated for it, “They worked They were always on time They were never late They never spoke back when they were insulted They worked They never took days off that were not on the calendar They never …show more content…

As Pietri has put it, “Juan Miguel Milagros Olga Manuel All died yesterday today and will die again tomorrow Dreaming Dreaming about queens Clean-cut lily-white neighborhood
Puerto Ricanless scene Thirty-thousand-dollar home The first spics on the block Proud to belong to a community of gringos who want them lynched Proud to be a long distance away from the sacred phrase: Que Pasa.” Without question, they (Puerto Ricans) are not supposed to be economically secure especially not to live in a suburban area like Queens. Only whites fit into that lifestyle.
Also, the Puerto Ricans’ are discriminated because they cannot speak the English language. To blend into the American culture they learn it for example, “Secondhand shit for sale learn how to say Como Esta Usted and you will make a fortune They are dead They are dead and will return from the dead until they stop neglecting the art of their dialogue for broken
English lessons to impress the mister goldsteins who keep them employed as lavaplatos porters messenger boys factory workers maids stock clerks shipping clerks assistant mailroom assistant…because is against the company policy to promote SPICS SPICS SPICS.” They are transforming into an American

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