Pulp Fiction Narrative

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Everyone has a favorite movie they love to watch, which triggers their inner emotion for why they love that particular movie. Some movies may bring tears of joy to a person’s heart and some movies may keep the audience on their toes for what might happen next with action and excitement. Those action and excitement movies have different techniques which makes the movie stands out in a viewer eyes. In the 1994 film Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Taratino and 2015 Mad Max Fury Road directed by George Miller are arguable known to be two of the best movies when it comes down to action and excitement. These two movie are both suspenseful, breath-taking, and thrilling that will keep your toes for what is about to happen in the next scene. Both of these movies use some of the same technique and tactual which makes the audience stay engaged into the movie. In the film Pulp Fiction there are a considerable measure of components to this film which makes it an incredible motion picture to watch and love. The structure of the film to the development to the tension scenes of the film all adds up to make this movie sensational. Some portion of the motivation behind why this movie is so darling is on the grounds that it will dependably keep you on the edge of toes to perceive what will occur next. Seeing this film out of the blue may get puzzling at first since its bounces forward and backward from four unique stories which all meet up toward the end for redemption. One of the

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