Punk Music Research Paper

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The origin of punk music is not very clear, many argue as to when it truly began. Some say punk began in late 60’s, some say in 70’s, some will even argue that punk began as early as the 50’s; all of these arguments would be correct. Punk has been a part of music for as long as rebellion has existed in society. Though this may seem like a bit of a stretch, it is very much true. Anytime music was used to stand against something or was used to say what someone believed; that was punk. Punk music is about rebellion, it’s not conforming to what society has decided to accept. Punk is for the people who want to be free and rebel against the traditional values of society. Punk has become the voice of the people who stand against society’s standards and it is what allowed these people to change the culture that once poisoned the world. Punk has been a part of music for quite a while, it didn’t fully emerge until the mid-1970s. It was during this time that punk became a full-fledged movement after the world faced some hard times. To truly understand what forced punk to emerge, one must know the hardships people faced during that time period. The 70’s saw troubled economies across the globe. With the end of the post WWII economic boom and the start of the oil crisis several countries were faced with economic issues, these problems…show more content…
Punks are often misunderstood individuals. People often associate them with violence, but that’s not its intent. Punk is about energy, it’s about freedom, change. Punk rock is music by kids for kids reflecting the problems they face every day. The music of the 70’s was mainly made by older people who were singing about partying ad cruising, things that kids just didn’t relate to. Punk rock was to 70’s kids what rock and roll was to teens in the 50’s. Punk was the voice that said everything they believed. It was their outlet to express their opinions and to try and spread
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