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Purchase advice chandelier Style and elegance for all tastes For centuries, chandeliers decorate splendid halls and awaken admiration. Crystal or beautiful embellishments deepen this impression and still determine many styles of furniture. But nowadays a chandelier does not have to be massive and lush. Rather, it is available in countless variants, which can be selected according to the furnishing style. A modern chandelier immediately catches the eye and creates a moody atmosphere in the apartment. Suitable light sources ensure bright rooms and low energy consumption. To choose the right chandelier, it is important to pay attention to some details. More than one lamp A chandelier is a special type of lamp consisting of a center and …show more content…

Are high ceilings a must for chandeliers? Not anymore. Different sizes make it possible to illuminate a chandelier as the center of the room, even in small, low rooms. However, make sure that the chain to which the chandelier is attached is not too long to keep the lamp hanging too low. Chandeliers are very adaptable thanks to the wide range of design and materials, and are in perfect harmony with many furnishing styles . It does not have to be the classic variant in an old building with 3 m high ceilings, stucco and parquet floor. For apartments in puristic flair, there is a selection of elegant metal chandeliers. Which chandelier suits which furnishing style? In the right execution, a chandelier sets every facility elegantly into the scene. The times when this type of lamp was found only in stately houses have long since passed. Today, a chandelier can be installed in almost every type of apartment - even if different styles are in stark contrast to each other. For example, chandeliers fit easily into apartments that are decorated in a country-house style, for example, or in pop-style rooms. The timeless type of lamp is also at home in other stylistic settings, with flair and style. It just depends on finding the right chandelier for your furnishing style. In the following designs, a chandelier often works well in its own four walls. Scandinavian design Natural materials and light colors characterize this

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