Puritans Religious Beliefs

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How did the Puritans and their religious orthodoxy get established? Well first, the Puritans were originally an assembly within the English Protestants that had left England between 1920’s to 1930’s because of their unhappiness with the new reforms such as Catholicism in the Church of England. The first colony to be created in New England was in Plymouth by the Separatist Puritans better known as the Pilgrims. The Separatist wanted to completely separate themselves from the church entirely in order to achieve their religious freedom. Whereas the additional Puritans that arrived later, as stated in the textbook, “These well-to-do Puritans and many thousands more left their English homes not to establish a land of religious freedom, but to practice their own religion without persecution” (80). Because they wanted to create colonies without the corruption that occurred in the Church of England. Of course, the Puritans would need foundations in their Plymouth colonies to survive, and one of the best was, with the Pilgrims who built their foundation on hard-working labor and only relied on each other to farm and build. It was that strong labor ethic that helped to propel their ultimate capitalistic commercial success such as trading using their own built maritime ships. Whereas the foundation of the additional Puritans was more directed towards their religious orthodoxy of a restructured version of Protestantism. However, it was the Massachusetts Bay colony who created a purified

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