Purpose And Hypothesis Of The Pediatric Pain Management Of Pediatric Patients Essay

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Purpose and Hypothesis of Study The study conducted by Stanley and Pollard (2013) had two components. The first was to assess the amount knowledge concerning pediatric pain management of nurses then gauge their attitudes and level of self-efficacy concerning acute pediatric pain care. The second was an examination of the relationship between years of experience, amount of knowledge, attitude, and levels of self-efficacy. According to the authors, studies have previously indicated that care may be affected by the level of knowledge and attitude of the nurse, however no research existed between each component and self-efficacy. Stanley and Pollard predicted that a nurses job performance concerning adequate pain management of pediatric patients would be affected by the two components examined. (Review of literature ) They presented the problem by citing previously conducted peer-reviewed studies indicating that proper pain management of pediatric patients was lacking and which emphasized the importance of knowledge of the topic [cite]. Examples were given of barriers to proper pain management which included: ignoring patient self-report, lack of education about pain assessment, misunderstanding pharmacological effect on the respiratory system, lack of a universally applied pain management system, work security concerns, perceived inferiority, and time constraints. ( Stanley et al., 2013) Sample Participants of this convenience, non-probability sample were 25 nurses from 2
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