Purpose For Charging Interest And Debt At Two Topics

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When it comes to borrowing money, the person taking out the loan has a different perspective about how the return of the agreement should go. There are some individuals who are willing to pay back what is owed in a timely manner in hopes of avoiding penalties. Finances and debt at two topics that cannot be discussed without mentioning the other. With all things considered, scripture tells a different aspect of interest and how borrowing goes. Unfortunately, in society today there is no way to take out a loan of any kinds and not expects interest to be accrued. For instance, if borrowing from a bank or a payday loan business the mentioning of interest is brought up before the loan is even granted or denied. It is understandable that businesses have to make some form of profit in order to remain open. The purpose for charging interest is to earn funding to cover expenses the business may have such as payroll, utilities, and whatever others cost that may occur to prevent the company form failing. Depending on the situation presented, interest can be a hard topic to discuss without acknowledging the fact that getting into debt is involved. All the above being considered, just like individuals inquire and rely on loans, so do corporations and some government agencies. Stocks and bonds are a form of advertisement offered to gain the attention of those corporations and government agencies who are needed financial assistance. According to Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan, “when a

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