Pursuit Of Truth In Jasper Jones

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In the novel Jasper Jones, Craig Silvey provides us the audience an insight into the characters’ pursuit of truth by exploring overarching ideas such as Fear, Racism and Scapegoating and linking them with character dialogue as well as narrator descriptions. The main truth presented by Craig Silvey is the investigation of Laura Wishart’s death, by pursuing this truth Charlie uncovers truths about his family and town. I believe that by using these overarching ideas, silver is able to offer us a deep insight into the characters’ pursuit of truth.

The main focus of the novel is the investigation of the sudden death of Laura Wishart, Silvey uses this idea as the catalyst that drives and reveals more truths in the town of Corrigin. Fear is one of the truths that was picked up by Charlie upon his adventure, at first he felt like he was the only one that was afraid, the only one that feels fear. He is afraid of insects, resident bully Warrick Trent, the myth Mad Jack Lionel, and the corpse of a young girl that haunts him for the rest of the summer and tests him emotionally and psychologically.” But my fear is itching me. A sickly buzz on my skin.” Silvey uses this personification to illustrate the fear that Charlie is feeling where it creates an itch that “buzz”’s his skin, this was use to say that the encounter of Laura’s body was so horrific that it created an itch on his skin. Through his pursuit of truth Charlie learns that he isn't the only one that is afraid, like the
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