Qatar World Cup in 2022 Essay

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FIFA World Cup 2022 is the second tournament of the World Cup football and be hosted by the State of Qatar. On December 2010 FIFA announced that Qatar host World Cup 2022. FIFA president joseph Blatter said the outcome of vote let Qatar be the first Arab country host World Cup 2022 in the Middle East, and Qatar deserve this honor. The delegation was concerned of the Small area of the State of Qatar, and the ability to host an event the size of the World Cup in soccer. This is considered a positive feature in the interest for all Gulf countries. But I think the FIFA inspectors are anxious to show negative points on each presenter for this hosting. Criticism has been directed to Qatar on the situation of migrant workers regarding working conditions and news about the death of workers in construction sites. So Qatar has to know how to deal and control the problems of hosting this event. Otherwise FIFA would pull out Qatar World hosting. FIFA and national football association should start to force roles on Qatar to change the treatment of labors, or the FIFA withdraw Qatar world hosting.

Platini said in an interview with TV Canal + broadcast Sunday "(the World Cup) gift to the country." (Chesterman, 2014). But there are problems must be solved by Qatar. There are issues that more important than the player will play in summer. The issue of slavery which accuses Qatar their practice against the workers who work in the parking building installations that started processing in…