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Qualitative and Quantitative Problem Statements
Amanda Weber
University of Phoenix

Qualitative and Quantitative Problem Statements
Studies are published to solve a problem in a unique and clever way. Studies manifest from a problem statement. The problem statement is one of the most important aspects of the dissertation. The problem statement illustrates the paradigm and the methods. This paper will disclose one qualitative problem statement and one quantitative problem statement as they relate to two problems in the field of dentistry.
Qualitative Problem Statement
The importance of teaching the business of dentistry to dentists in dental school. The results show that student opinion coincided with faculty belief on only one
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Can the dental office add in interactions while the patients are waiting?
There is a problem occurring when patients have to wait too long to see the dentist in walk in clinics (Li Min, 2012). Despite current systems in place wait times are increasing instead of decreasing. The problem has negatively impacted the production goals and patients seen per day because patients are leaving before they can be taken to treatment rooms. A possible cause of this problem is to implement a sigma six project management methods (Wang, 2014). Perhaps a study that investigates the reasons for long times in the waiting room measured by quantitative methods could remedy the situation.
The purpose of this paper was to practice writing qualitative and quantitative analysis problem statements as they relate to the field of dentistry. The research questions attempt to identify the differences between social responsibility and quality of management practices. Researchers must develop and articulate research questions that are related to the purpose of the study. Research design paradigms have the major intent and objective of the study to justify what researchers have found.

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