Qualitative Observation

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The researchers used a qualitative study approach. This type of study is based on the descriptions, observations and supporting data. The main objective from this study is to observe the effectiveness from the three month experience of the kids on the move. Basically, the methods used to collect data were: First, the literacy test. This type of testing will be based on simple questions to identify healthy food items, also matching a healthy vegetable item with a healthy meal that is used for. Second, weight measurements. Researchers will take time to measure each one of the 20 participants waist before the kids on the move experience and document the findings. While other research members will utilize a camcorder to record observations. Third, 24 hour …show more content…

Based on the participant ‘s developmental level, the researchers will ask 24 hour dilatory diary. Parents of the participants may help recalling the food items from the day before. Prior proceeding with the steps of this qualitative study, the researchers had obtained an approval from the participants and their guardians in the form of informed consent. The researchers used a purposive type of sampling. This type of sampling is used to select group of the participants according to preselected criteria relevant to a particular research question (Schmidt and Brown, 2014) . Then, the researchers conducted the initial interviews with the 20 participants and in the presence of their parents. During the interviews, Simple demographic information was collected like: age, sex, height and weight and ethnic background. The interviews took place at Mt. Clemens’ YMCA. Further, the researchers had selected a specific time frame significantly. Because, this time of the year and especially in Michigan is characterized by a severe cold weather and the children will have less physical activity compare to the season of Summer. Also this period follows the holidays ,

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