Providing a Positive Environment for Nursery Children

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This document is designed for a Childcare and Education Student to explain how Oak Tree Nursery Class provides a positive environment for its children.

Here at Oak tree Nursery Class we strive to make sure the children are cared for within a positive environment. A positive environment means that as well as ensuring the physical environment is a safe and pleasant one, we also need to make sure the children and their families feel welcome and wanted when they enter Oak Tree Nursery class. We aim to do this by;

Treating each child as an individual and meeting their individual needs by acknowledging parents ' wishes and beliefs.
Ensuring all routines and activities are …show more content…

Children, unlike adults are willing to try anything if given the chance and so allowing a child to taste test food is an ideal way to introduce new and healthy foods. Food and meal times can provide children with many learning opportunities, particularly by allowing a child to participate at meal times. However, food can also be a source of frustration and a cause of arguments between to food provider and the child. Building on positive experiences with food will help reduce such

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