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Qualitative Research This is a qualitative research study. Since the purpose was to discover two groups that experienced the same exposure to a group of adolescents, this may be considered a phenomenological study. The eighth grade teachers were asked about their individual experience in dealing with preparing eighth grade students, and the ninth grade teachers were asked to share their exposure to the product of the former teachers. Questions evolved as details concerning the topic became apparent. The idea for the study became more imperative as colleagues were casually interviewed to assist in narrowing down the topic. Concerns of collecting the data and identifying a need of importance began taking form. To create a manageable study, areas common in both the eighth and nine grade English/Language Arts had to be identified. These areas were assessed to offer restrictive yet comprehensive details as a way to discern gaps between the two grade levels ' expectations. Wording of categories were changed to confirm that both levels of participants would have connotative experience with each as a way to assure purposeful sampling. The research continued to evolve as details of the importance of preparation for high school and the detrimental results of poor transitioning came to the forefront.

Determining Data Groups Initially, the thought of creating a national response group was considered. Contacting multiple school systems throughout the nation was

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