Qualities Of Malcolm X

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Malcolm X is a historical figure that is remembered by all. His efforts love on without him as America attempts to follow his main principle and “live together in justice and love” (Shabazz xvii). Malcolm X was an honest and fair man that developed his persona by accepting his faults, voicing his opinions, and treating everyone equally. His qualities were expressed in his autobiography as he developed from a misguided teenager to a freedom fighter. Malcolm was recognized for accepting his faults to others. Even his daughter, Atallah Shabazz, recollects about his bluntness. In the text it states, “Hustling, numbers running, stealing… Indeed these accounts were factual and he was always the first to tell them” (Haley & Shabazz xv). This quote recalls all of Malcolm’s misguided, illegal actions as a teenager. Not only does it show perseverance in change, but, it glorifies his honesty as Malcolm is the first one that owns up to his mistakes. Another example of his honesty is mentioned when he starts his rendezvous with “Sophia”. In the text it states, “One of the shames that I have carried for years is that I blame myself for all of this. To have treated her as I did for a white woman, made the doubly heavy” (Haley & Shabazz 72). In this passage, Malcolm hurts the feelings of a genuine girl that he, himself has feelings for to go after a white woman that would boost his ego. Malcolm reminisces his regret for ruining Laura’s life and understands his idiotic mistake of letting

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