Quality Improvement Report

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Quality Improvement Report Quality Improvement (QI) is an organizational approach that leads to the quality of patient care and services through use of specific set of guidelines, principles, and methodology. This is so that there is assurance that quality care is provided for every patient. Principles of quality improvement focus on measurements. These measurements involve data collection used to improve the quality of care, and patient outcomes. Any good quality improvement program ensures strengthening the systems through analyzes and processes. This quality improvement discussion will review the purpose of quality management in health care industry and why it is needed. Included in this QI report will be an explanation of the…show more content…
Senior leadership must determine and direct the level of quality that is acceptable within the organization. Leadership should prioritize areas of quality and use data based on benchmarks from other facilities. (Dlugacz, 2006). In addition the author states there are some important areas that must be monitored for quality. Compliance must be followed by leaders and all employees within an organization and it is up to health care administrators to enforce these regulations. Compliance is mandatory and required regulatory agencies and will be discussed in the next section. Core measures are established when treating and assessing patients. Dlugacz (2006) also states, these core measures must be followed by physician staff and clinical staff. Performance improvement initiatives, patient safety, medication safety, organizational Standards of care, and financial stability and spending are quality measures. Identify the Roles of Various Accrediting and Regulatory Organizations Regulators work from set regulation of standards. These regulations allow setting defined standards and setting parameters for organizations to maintain compliance (Dlugacz, 2006). The Joint Commission (TJC) is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to continuously improve the safety and standards of care .TJC develops standards of care in collaboration with national experts to ensure quality standards of care are met , through data collection and
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