Quality Of Life In Prison

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Life In Prison
What is it like to be one of nearly 2.5 million people inside the United States prisons.

The first step of being sentenced to prison. First of all you have to obviously get arrested, when being arrested the jails don’t do an extreme search on you like they do in prisons the reason is, because there are people in there who are there for being arrested for petty crimes nothing to serious although every crime is a crime and is bad but there are some crimes much worse then a D.U.I. Now for the men an women who have committed a more serious crime like man slaughter you are still to be placed in jail but that is just one stop. The second and final stop is prison.

There are many aspects of prison life that determine what exactly your quality of life in prison will be like. First, what exactly your crime was plays a big part in what will come next for you. For example, a misdemeanor such as petty theft that requires jail time will not require the same security as a violent criminal with assault charges. There are three security levels in the U.S. Prison system. The first level, minimum security, is basically like a guarded community in a sense. It is similar to college dorms in housing and many prisoners are free to roam around the yard. These types of prisons are often times program oriented for example, many of the prisoners participate in community service and or work-camps. These types of prison are full of opportunity for the prisoners with many ways to

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