Barclays Essay

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The purpose of this report is comprehensive quantitative analysis for the financial performance of Barclays Bank. Quantitative analysis is an important method of looking beyond the numbers and understanding the stories they tell. It is quantitative analysis that gives way to qualitative analysis and allows us to gauge the running of a business better. Quantitative analysis is key towards improving our understanding of the relationships that may exist among key financial variables or key factors influencing the performance of a firm. The application of quantitative analysis towards business performance is a key method of identifying problems that may hinder the growth of the business and tackle their root cause. Barclays as a financial institution has established itself as a major player in the global financial services and banking sector. The company has spread out from its native UK to the rest of the world and its presence in developing regions of South Asia and Africa is massive. Barclays has become a global player in the market for financial services and may continue to grow even further as the years go by. The data used is time-series in nature and spans the 10 years from 2004 to 2013 inclusive. The report will aim to employ three key methods of quantitative analysis namely graphical analysis, correlation analysis and regression analysis. The report will start off with graphical analysis in order to get an idea of the business’ performance by observing the key trends

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