Quarantine Speech And The Four Freedoms

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I believe that FDR's "Quarantine Speech" and "The Four Freedoms” encouraged all the American people to support participating in World War II to preserve peace, democracy and morality, while Rockwell's paintings encouraged buying war bonds by speaking to the wealthy middle to upper-class white Americans to preserve their liberties and basic rights. In both "Quarantine Speech" and "The Four Freedoms" speeches, FDR speaks repeatedly of freedom and peace being threatened and how the war must be realistically viewed to preserve the latter. Rockwell does not necessarily encourage the participation in the war as much as the need to buy bonds to maintain the American lifestyle. In Chicago, IL during a bridge dedication ceremony, Franklin D. …show more content…

He didn't name which countries were the threatening forces, although it was evident at the time that he was referring to Japan, Germany and Italy. In 1935 Italy invade Ethiopia and in 1936 Germany invaded the Rhineland. In both speeches, FDR speaks often about how peace and freedom are threatened. During “The Four Freedoms” FDR states the problem, the plan and what he hopes to achieve. He begins to address how American security is being threatened by other nations seeking world domination. He continues by emphasizing how to understand the danger democracy is facing, we must be realists. The safety of America is threatened by the events unfolding outside of the country and that production for armaments must be increased . If we are not physically involved in the war, we will need to produce billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to provide a sufficient arsenal to our allies. This would not only benefit them, but the defense of the US as well. He makes specific note that this is not a declaration of war, but a pledge to defend freedom and democracy. After stating the problem and the plan, FDR then moves into the freedoms which we are defending. Freedom of speech and worship are already protected for Americans under the first amendment, but he states that it should be granted everywhere in the world. Freedom from want is the right to be fed, clothed and properly housed. Lastly,

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