Queen Elizabeth II Research Paper

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“I have to be seen to be believed.”( To gain trust, to gain respect, means one has to believe. You can’t just simply have the confidence in another individual unless they put themselves out there and give you reasons to believe in them. To get to there, you not only need a great amount of perseverance and tenacity, but also the ever-lasting love and support from others. Like a small bud of flower that fully blooms and radiates its beauty, a young princess grows up and has aspirations for becoming more than just being a part of the world. The daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I is a dog and horse lover who also had a proclivity for learning. To her, there goal of wanting her to have a “really happy childhood, with lots of pleasant memories”, meant occupying herself with homework even on holidays (Mason, Emma). Her desire to learn beyond the books is the force that sets her apart from others. Overflowing with selfless devotion to one’s nation and strong solicitude, Queen Elizabeth II wouldn’t have gotten to where she is if it weren’t for her warm hearted relationships, her ambitious character to be more involved, and the new era of technology. Being born into a royal family made Elizabeth destined to have a bright future. Along with that, the relationships she has developed or losses she has experienced also contributed to her willingness to preserve the reign of monarchy. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth I dearly treasured the princess and how

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