Essay on Queen Elizabeth I: Changing the Course of England

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The Tudor Monarchy is one of the most well known monarchies of English history. It is so well known primarily due to Henry VIII, all of his wives, and his desire for a male heir to the throne of England. Because of Henry VIII, England received one of its best monarchs, Queen Elizabeth. There were a great number of obstacles and unfortunate events that Elizabeth went through as a result of her parents. Although Queen Elizabeth I faced many difficulties, including both coming to the throne and during her reign, she was a great ruler with many successes that changed the course of England and its history. Elizabeth’s father was King Henry VIII. Many of Henry’s decisions and actions had an effect on what Elizabeth would be required to…show more content…
He could never allow that. He desired to have a male heir in order for the line to continue its growth. A female provided too many risks. Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn and decided that he wanted to divorce Catherine. He tried and tried to get the Pope to approve his divorce stating that because she had been married to his brother, the marriage was never legal. However, he had received permission from the church to marry Catherine. Therefore, the Pope found excuses to not permit the divorce for seven years (Ridley 20). Henry was determined to obtain the divorce, so he had Parliament cut down on the amount of power the Papacy had in England. Anne found out that she was pregnant in January of 1533. The knowledge of the pregnancy forced Henry to marry her. This caused a big problem. It was imperative that his divorce to Catherine happen soon. In May of 1533, Henry was granted permission to divorce Catherine. After they were separated, Henry was excommunicated, splitting England and the Roman Catholic Church. To the disappointment of the people, Anne was named Henry’s queen the following month (Ridley 21). When the people found out that Anne was pregnant, they were very excited and eager to find out the gender. Anne gave birth to the baby one afternoon in September. Henry was told it was supposed to be a boy. This caused him to make orders for a great event for when the baby came home. The birth of the
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