Queen Elizabeth I Of England

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Elizabeth sat in her bedroom in the Buckingham palace brushing her long, curly, red hair which was stained with strands of gray. She focused on the mirror and softly stared at the freckles on her pale skin, which looked as if it needed to be ironed, and her dark brown eyes that looked like a black hole against her pale complexion. The year was 1587, Elizabeth had gone through so much to be here. Oh, my mistake, I should probably refer to her by her formal name. The Elizabeth of this daring story full of anger and spite is none other than Queen Elizabeth I of England. To tell the full story though, we must travel back some 50 years to when Elizabeth was only 3 years old. The year is 1536, her mother, Anne Boleyn, has failed to produce a son for her husband King Henry VIII. Now here 's where it gets quite confusing, somewhere between the winter of 1532 and late January 1533 he secretly married Anne Boleyn, making any child they have to be illegitimate according to Catholic beliefs. So now that you have got some back story we shall continue on with our story. So, Anne Boleyn has yet to produce a male heir for King Henry VIII, and he is getting rather frustrated at that. The good news is that he has a simple solution! Charge her with treason, incest with her elder brother, and witchcraft so that he can execute her. His plan worked, Anne Boleyn was executed and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate and lost the title of princess. After that she was addressed as Lady Elizabeth and…
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