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Advance Software engineering
Name : Sushma Manjunath Bharadwaj
ID: 87298
1. What is a context diagram? Why is a context diagram important to software engineering? How does doing a context diagram improve the safety and reliability of the ultimate software project? (Min 100 words)

Solution: Context diagrams are the diagrams that show relationship between the system and external entities. The external entities provide inputs and in turn get output from the system.
It shows the connection between system and problem that is addressed. These context diagrams are usually used to understand requirements of system.
Context diagrams are important to software engineering as it provides overall view of the system and the interaction among entities, different elements of the system. It ensures that entities in the system belongs to the system and thus help in development and refactoring of system completely. Context diagrams should be developed and analyzed before any system is refactored. Since in context diagram we know the inputs and outputs of the system we can predict how the system works and anticipate any errors, and if any output is not got from input We can easily make out whether the system is working properly or not for particular interval or not and thus it improves safety and reliability.

2. Describe the Feature Drive Development process. Why is FDD better than most software development paradigms? What are some issues with this methodology? Why is
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