Questions On Business Economics And The Production Possibilities Frontier As A Result Of Workers Moving From Their Domestic Countries

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ASSIGNMENT 2 BUSINESS ECONOMICS SUBMITTED TO: PRIYANTHA BANDARA (LECTURER) KENT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY STUDENT NAME STUDENT ID MANPREET SINGH K150361 DEVINDER SINGH K140882 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The report deals with issues that arise in the production possibilities frontier as a result of workers moving from their domestic countries to foreign countries for better work opportunities. Major focus of this report is on change in PPF curve due to emigration and how production is being affected due to it. The main issues discussed in the report are how change in technology or resources mediate PPF curve outward or inside and how environment is being affected by that. To understand this, the report first show the curve of an economy…show more content…
In addition to this, moving from one country to another can also lead to this impact on PPF. Mark Paterson, Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard have also given their views on PPF and how increase in population can effect PPF. 1.2 Aims This report examines PPF curve with change in population of country to find how and what shift can be seen in curve and how environment is being impacted by that. 1.3 Scope The report only discuss about change in PPF curve due to immigration. It does not discuss how the shift in curve can be brought back to its original place by making any changes to conditions and how can this migration be prevented to boost the production of a country. 2.0 PPF without Immigration Production possibility frontier Curve A Curve B CAPITAL GOODS Figure 1: PPF without immigration Figure 1 clearly shows PPF of a country which has no immigration in happening in it. It can either be position A or B depending on circumstances but A is its actual position where all production work is stable whereas B is a scenario which can occur if there is economic growth in a country which is
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