Immigration Trends In Australia

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Alberta Immigrants and Earning Levels per Year Throughout history, human beings have moved from one place to another. This movement was necessitated by natural and man-made calamities. These could have been war, draught, flooding, and even diseases. However, modern day immigration is mainly driven by economic, freedom, and safety needs. However, different parts of Canada have attracted varying numbers of immigrants due to economic, language, and existing populations of immigrants from the same countries. Nonetheless, the immigration trends to Canada keep changing due to government policies on security and humanitarian needs of the applicants. Among different provinces, Alberta continues to be a favored destination for immigrants from other countries. The current paper has been written by analyzing government published data on immigration. By examining data from different government arms, …show more content…

The choices seem to be driven by various factors including, economic opportunities and a substantial population from their own countries of origin among others. Between five provinces, Ontario was the preferred province for most immigrants to settle in 2006. It was followed by British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Nova Scotia in that order. However, the preference for the different provinces apart from Ontario differed among immigrants from different countries. For instance, in 2006, no Kenyan immigrants settled in Quebec. This can be due to the fact that Kenya as a former British colony has adopted English as the official language. This would make the French speaking Quebec province a hard place for them to settle due to language barriers. However, among Italian immigrants, Quebec was the second choice after Ontario (Government of Canada [CIC], 2014). Nonetheless, Quebec continues to see the least number of immigrants from other non French speaking

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