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Corporate Computing Function
This paper will discuss various aspects of corporate computing functions. First, it will speculate why the fifth point, "Meet information requirements of management", is in the CIO 's list of nine points. Next, this paper will evaluate each point to determine the most important three for the initial rollout phase. Finally, this paper will recommend one additional point the CIO should include in order to ensure the topic of security is addressed in the mission statement.
Requirements for the Corporate Computing Function According to Stallings, there are several requirements that the Chief Information Officer (CIO) must be concerned about in reference to corporate computing that a computing facility must …show more content…

Furthermore, CEOs want their CIOs to deliver against those needs and resources (Melymuka, 2002, January 30, para 2-12). Therefore, the CIO must understand these managerial requirements and develop an IT strategy that meets them, focusing where management feels is most important. This author assesses that this is the most important principle for a CIO to manage.
Provide Computing Capability and Organizational Integrity
According to one source, for a CIO to accomplish the principles of providing computing capability to all organizational units that legitimately require it, as well as maintaining organizational integrity in operations that are dependent on computing, he or she must maintain an overall IT infrastructure that facilitates a comprehensive set of knowledge management capabilities. In so doing, the CIO focuses on IT configuration, the consistencies and commonalities of shared goals, the marketing and production strategies, as well as the managerial practices within diversifying firms (Hu, Zhang &Teng, 2010, para 20). Essentially, by analyzing the overall IT infrastructure, the CIO can ensure his or her strategy provides the appropriate computing capability to the entire organization, as well as maintain the management’s desired organizational integrity with systems that are fully assimilated into the infrastructure.
Costs and Needs
The CIO has two major concerns in the areas of ensuring that the computing principles

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