Contract Law Essay

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Department of Law Formative Coursework Cover Sheet This form MUST be completed and submitted as the front page of any non-assessed coursework submitted to the Department of Law – coursework without a suitable coursework cover may not be passed on to the correct member of staff for marking. Student ID: Student Name: Chloe Paloschi Module code: 4005 Module Title: Contract Law Tutor Group: H Tutor name: Davor Jancic Read the following statement carefully and sign below: I hereby confirm that the submitted document represents my own work in all respects, except in so far as is indicated either in the text or in the footnotes; and that I have acknowledged by express reference any use of material derived in whole or in part from any other published source. Signature of student: Chloe Paloschi (1) When forming a contract, the requirements of offer and acceptance have to be met. Offer; intimation of a willingness to enter a legally binding contract, is the first step to enter into an agreement. Additionally, the second requirement is acceptance, when the offeree must accept the offer. A fundamental requisite in order to establish and finalise an agreement is that offer and acceptance must correspond between the parties. Here, we encounter the intricacies of dealing with contract formation, specifically “the battle of the forms”. Whereby at the time of entering a contract, both parties attempt to impose their respective standard terms and conditions. In

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