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Family Systems
Bridggette Hambrick
December 18, 2016
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Exploring the different systems theories was especially informative for a person going into the field of counseling. These scenarios help to explain how the theories can be used which will be very helpful. Each theory explains how counseling strategies help people by letting them help themselves. In the paper I explained how some of my family could benefit from these strategies. For example, Dee and Marie could benefit from the systemic concept of context. Whereas, sometimes we need to see the whole system not just a piece of a system. Mindy needs to understand that causality is not always someone or something to blame. As well as, Liza and Jim need to learn that communication is not always what we say but how we say it. Also, systemic concepts of change could be advantageous to Brenda and Michael, by understanding that neither of them needs to change, but their interactions between them need to change. In conclusion, Bill needs to realize he is not the problem, but the problem is affecting him.


The Systems Theory in Action by Shelly Smith-Acuna, and What is Narrative Therapy? by Alice Morgan where very insightful for a beginner on learning theories in counseling. The first theory in this paper is systemic concepts of context; which is the context of nonsummativity.…
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