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Lesson Construction Template

Introduction and Objective

[Provide a 3-5-sentence introduction of the concept to be covered in this lesson.]

“I really, really loved the book I just finished!”, said Angela. “It was probably the best book I have ever read!” “Wow,” answered Steve. “Why did you like it so much?” To convince Steve that he should read the book, Angela needs to analyze it for him. In other words, she needs to show him WHY she liked it so much using specific details and examples. In this lesson, you will learn how to create an effective analysis for a poem or other text.

Today 's lesson objective is:

• Students will develop an analysis using relevant evidence from text(s) to support claims, opinions,
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Then in 3-4 sentences, explain specifically why you liked it and what you liked about it.

[Insert and image to support the learning skill in this space. Include the hyperlink so it can be verified as copyright-free.]


Instruction, Modeling and Student Activities

[Provide direct instruction and modeling at DOK 1 in this section.]

When a person makes a claim about something, they are stating that what they are saying is true.

An opinion is how a person feels about a particular person, event, or thing.

An inference is a conclusion based on evidence or reasoning.

Claims, opinions, and inferences are all part of analyzing poetry or other texts.

Look at the chart below to help you understand each of the three elements:

Claims need to be backed up by concrete evidence and factual information. For example, if you state that blue cars are safer in accidents than red cars, you need to be able to prove that. You would need to provide examples, statistics, studies, or real-life scenarios that can prove your statement as true.

Opinions, on the other hand, do not need to be backed up by fact, because they are your feelings about something. You might say that you prefer math to reading. Is there a right or wrong answer to that scenario? Of course not! To create a valid and believable opinion, you would need to have specific reasons
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