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Lesson Construction Template ELA8_SB_U5_L3_LC Introduction and Objective Besides characters and the setting, an author has to choose his voice and purpose for the piece. Will the story be told in first person? Or maybe it will be in third person objective? Is the piece going to be written to inform the reader or merely just for entertainment? There are so many choices an author must make before even beginning to write. Link: Today 's lesson objective is: Students will describe an author 's point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text. How do you know who is telling a story? How do you decide why an author …show more content…

• Second Person: This is told as if the author is talking directly to you and telling you what to do. This is one of the least common points of view because it’s generally for things like instructions, choose your own adventure stories, or recipes. • Pronouns used include: you, yours • Example: In order for you to ensure the cheesecake does not crack while baking, you must insert the pan in a water bath. • Third Person: The narrator tells the story as an observer or through one of the characters. He may know what the characters are thinking and feeling. This is the most common point of view used. • Pronouns used include: he, she, it, they • Example: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wished she would become a princess. There you have it - three types of point of view and how to spot them. The pronouns are the big giveaway. Practice your understanding of these concepts in the next activity. ELA8_B_5_3_ACT_1 [DOK 2: The Author’s Purpose] The author has another decision to make before he puts his thoughts to print; he has one of three reasons in mind. These reasons are to persuade, inform or entertain – PIE. Great work! Now that you understand point of view, let’s look at why authors choose to write what they write, and how you can figure out their purposes! Whether you watching television, reading a magazine, or playing around online, you are surrounded by advertisements everywhere. Advertising is a big

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