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In the season 2 premier of Private Practice, we are introduced to a couple that have a sick son who was dying of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. They had a partial match donor to help save the son life but unfortunately the partial match donor was found to have pneumonia. Because the doctors thought the son had a donor they started to prepare him for the transplant by stripping his immune system and unless he received the transplant within a week he would die. The parents had already become pregnant with a genetic match to their son, so that they could use the baby’s umbilical cord blood in the future. The wife was 27 weeks pregnant when she and her husband request that Doctor Addison induce her delivery to preform a C-section this
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If doctor Addison does this she can control how the C-section will work and she can have different teams ready, one team to help with the umbilical cord transplant for the son, another team ready to care for the premature baby, and one team to help the mother and finish the C-section. This would allow for the son to receive the transplant, saving his life. But the premature baby must be carefully cared since the chance of dying is high, she would need to be monitored and forced to stay in the hospital for quite some time till fully development or approval from doctors.

Perspective number 2:
Another perspective for this case is that Doctor Addison does not preform the C-section. The sick son would be placed back on the transplant list with the hope that they could find another donor before the son dies. But most likely the son would die since he only had a week left to live. Although, this wouldn’t place the unborn baby at risk for complications due to being born premature. The women was 6 months pregnant and the doctors were not concern of any risk, only increasing the likeness of the couple having a healthy baby being born.
Perspective number 3:
Another possible perspective is for the mother carrying the baby to endure her own delivery such as by breaking her own water. This puts the mother at risk because she has to induce her own delivery without the knowledge of the proper way to
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