Questions On Teaching English Language Learners Essay

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Many considerations need to be addressed when teaching English language learners. To help English language learners, teachers must have a basic understanding of the interferences these students face and how they affect the ELL. Teachers have to be knowledgeable about phonological and morphological differences with their ELL student’s native language. Teachers must be aware of their students’ phonemic awareness and be able to assess their students’ level of knowledge appropriately. To be receptive to all students’ needs, teachers must acknowledge them so they can teach the student the interferences and how they work in their new language. One of the interferences that teachers must take into consideration is the student’s phonological awareness. In the book Phonics They Use it states that phonological awareness is “the ability to separate sentences into words and words into syllables.” Whereas, phonemic awareness is “the ability to recognize that words are made up of a discrete set of sounds and to manipulate sounds.” Through the developmental stages of a student’s phonological awareness their knowledge of how words are made up of “individual words, words are made up of syllables, and syllables are made up of phonemes (p. 5).” Some activities that build phonological awareness are segmenting, rhyme, and syllables. An activity that can build phonological awareness is segmenting. Segmenting allows students to break words apart by sounds. This process allows the student to

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