Questions On The Doctrine Of God

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Final Exam Essay: Issues Relating to the Doctrine of God Submitted to Dr. Isaiah Nengean, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course THEO 626 summer 15 by Harold B. Brewer, Jr. (ID# L24780291) Issues Relating to the Doctrine of God There are many issues facing the church today – some greater than others. However, the three most pressing issues for the Evangelical Christians and academia are a doctrine-less era, the prevalence of entrepreneurism, and open theology. Doctrine-less Era A saddening shift in evangelical Christians and students interests is putting less and less emphasis on traditional doctrinal commitments. The teaching and learning of doctrine are starting to be associated with certain words such as boring, tedious, narrow-minded. Drawing on my experience as a student of theology, I have noticed a lack of interest among my peers on theological issues and debates outside of classrooms. This phenomenon is heightened outside of academic institutions where the possibilities of people being exposed to doctrinal teachings are less unless they actively seek them out themselves. As Dr. Lemke puts it, “We have many young ministers who have focused their interest not on theological or biblical foundations, but on church growth methodology.” Many young ministers are more interested in growing churches, which then creates another issue that there is a reduction in
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