Mission Of Urshan College

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An aspect of most colleges that identify as Christian is one that goes beyond academic success or a social life. This aspect is the emphasis placed on a student’s faith, spirituality, and relationship with God. Specifically at Urshan College, many students will define the origin of their college choice in a meaningful moment with God when He called them to attend. While students come to Urshan College for a general education, many students desire the specifically Apostolic education Urshan has to offer that builds upon the calling to a life of ministry. This is a perfect representation of the mission of Urshan College as an Apostolic institute. Urshan’s mission is to to educate, equip, and empower students to go out and live the lives God has called them to live. …show more content…

Their beliefs and understandings of faith are being challenged and questioned in order to strengthen their understanding. Rather than having the adults in their life tell them what to believe, they are now responsible for forming opinions about everything in their lives. For this reason, it is vital that students stay connected to God during their college years. If they are not firmly grounded in truth, the controversial ideology that college courses may bring will easily sway them. If a spiritual foundation is not there, a student will face a “spiritual struggle: an experience with which many students are familiar, particularly those who concern themselves with deep reflection on faith, purpose, and life

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