Questions On The Healthcare Profession Essay

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Understaffing of Nursing Professionals Summary The healthcare profession is a rewarding though equally challenging career. The challenges often persist due to the absence of universal legislations addressing significant issues in the profession. One of these problems is the understaffing of nursing professionals. Inadequate staffing often leads to increased job loads on the few existing employees, thus perpetuating the likelihood of decreased quality in patient care, possibly resulting in unfavorable patient outcomes. The best approach to solving such a problem is the adaptation of legislations, which would effectively authorize fixed nurse-to-patient ratios to ensure adequate staffing. In addition, private health care institutions must also ensure that they employ enough health practitioners, especially nurses to help address the concerns of understaffing. Outline 1. Introduction a) Background of the Study The nursing profession is particularly important in present times that is why it is vital to provide them with the particular conditions. However, there is a problem of nursing understaffing caused by a variety of factors. Of course, the profession is not an easy one and it requires a lot. However, those who are devoted to it, who like it, and ready to develop in this area, and provide the patients with a highly qualified care, would definitely reach the desired success s in this field and become real professionals, today nurses area valued more than ever. They

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