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Wallace Middle school’s students are 51% males and 48% females. Of the 846 students, 65% are Latino, 27% are Caucasian, 3% are African American, and 1% are multi-racial. At Wallace Middle school I observe two classes, eighth grade Pre-AP Algebra and an eighth grade math class. The math class is composed of about 30 students and due to a lack of classroom management they are a handful, to say the least. After careful consideration, I opted to teach Mr. Gutierrez’s first period Algebra class. The learning environment in this class is solid. It is a small class with only 16 students, so they are relatively easy to keep on task. They are a polite and pleasant group of students. The class is primarily Hispanic, with ten Hispanics, two African Americans, and four Caucasians. There are four girls and 12 boys creating a 1:3 ratio of girls to boys. There is only one English language learner, but he has no apparent difficulty in the English department. This same student is also dyslexic, 504 allows him assistance with spelling, reading, and extra time to complete assignments. Due to only having one student who classifies as ELL and SPED modifications to my lesson plans were minimal. The most relevant factor to my pedagogical decisions was the student’s ages and maturity level.
Upon reflection I realize teaching is not as easy as I have always assumed it would be. Lesson plans need to be meticulously planned and over planned. My first day of teaching I had not planned enough and my…
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