Questions On The Theoretical Lens

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Jesus F. Garcia 6/15/2015 Midterm Question 1 Part A “Theoretical lens” refers to a set of assumptions made, that are composed of factors such as past experiences, cultural background, and religion. This concept can be problematic when a society attempts to assume the way things will be and turn out to be unexpected. Dennis Phillips explains, “people often learn to understand things based on the set of theories and belies with which they were raised.”(Seminar 1, June 1) In child development, “theoretical lens” of developing countries can ultimately hurt the way a society views the progress of its future generations. Additionally, outcomes that are outside of the “theoretical lens” are often rejected, which can cause distress to those individuals who are not conforming to these expectations. Different countries have different assumptions about how the world works and the role that each individual plays in it. These individuals, such as children, across the globe have different expectations from society based on the region’s “theoretical lens.” For example “the main issues facing young people in India will be the school versus work, the tradition of early arranged marriages, the caste system, and the rights of women.” (Gielen, 2004) The expectations of Indian culture are completely different from those found in the United States for young people. The culture difference is key in how new generations will develop in accordance to societies expectations. A young person in
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