Questions On The World Of International Business

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In this paper we will be answering five critical questions in the world of international business. In the business world companies must understand how to answer these critical questions. The first of these questions is why are many governments in today’s world liberalizing cross-border movements of goods, services, and resources? Answering this question isn’t just a one word answer; it requires a breakdown of how governments go to market along with a host of other things. In today’s global market international business is even more vital to a governments’ success than ever before. For governments to compete in the global arena they will need a few things which will help move that country forward when delivering goods and services. The ability to travel and communicate in the foreign markets are just a couple of things that will greatly impact a country’s ability to grow. Technology is also one of the biggest pieces to the pie when it comes to a country’s ability to expand and grow. Cross-border movements and trades are big business for a country and with the rising cost of goods and services around the world, cross-border movement and international trading has become essential for countries to prosper. The internet has also helped with cross-border trading by bridging the physical gap between countries. It has also sped up our ability to communicate with other countries and people from all over the world in mere seconds. Governments today are liberalizing
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