Questions on Child and Mother Psychology

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During the phase of experience-expectant learning; in order for our visual, auditory systems to develop the brain expects to be exposed to visual images, sounds etc. On the other hand, during experience dependent learning additional skills are developed. However, for experience dependent learning there is no optimal period. For instance, there is no age of learning how to drive. This therefore provides us with an example of experience dependent learning. The experience expectant learning takes place during the early years of life. On the other hand, experience dependent learning occurs all through life in response to complex environmental stimuli. During 'Sensitive Periods,' experience expectant learning occurs and the brain is exposed to language. With this process, primary language is developed. However, there is no ideal age for experience dependent learning and during this phase the brain is able to develop a second language as it gets exposed to environmental stimuli.
Q.2) Outline the effects of maternal depression on infant development. (Depending of the duration of mother's depression: infant protest, wariness and looking away,…
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