Questions on Medicaid

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Question 1. Medicaid is a strategy implemented by the United States with the purpose of providing health programs meant to assist underprivileged individuals across the country. This is a significant social welfare program and it is under the administration of the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services. The program provides hospital and nursing services both in and outside the hospital. This makes it possible for a great deal of individuals who would otherwise be in great pain to improve their health condition and make sure that they reintegrate the social order as capable persons. Question 2. Both state and federal authorities are involved in making the program work and states are in charge of operating it so as for as many underprivileged persons as possible to be provided with help. Federal law is required because it intervenes and prevents state authorities from providing particular groups with preferential treatment. In some cases it was difficult to provide Medicaid to people who were qualified to have access to it because both health care providers and numerous patients attempted to commit fraud. Question 3. Only U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents have access to Medicaid and there are even some cases in which individuals belonging to either of these groups do not qualify to gain access to Medicaid resources. In some cases some physicians are not fully reimbursed for the work they perform within the program and this means that they can only
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