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‘Quiet’ The Introvert Being born and raised in a Muslim home is probably one of the main contributing factors as to why I am an introvert today. Although today I am no longer a Muslim and ever so proud of my choice of becoming a Christian when I started dating my now husband 6 years ago (Who by the way is quite the extrovert in every sense of the word!) I know being a quiet introvert isn’t a bad thing. But still, anytime someone points it out, it makes me feel anxious. In my mind, their words are dripping with judgement. I also recognize that they are probably commenting because they feel uncomfortable too. Many people can’t stand silence. Empty air space is something that is unfamiliar and unwelcome for them. They immediately seek to fill it with their own voice. If they’re really desperate, they will try to badger some words out of me, saying things like, “you’re very quiet. Say something.” To which I usually just end up giving them a shy smile while wishing I could somehow telepathically convey to them that telling an introvert she is quiet is like telling the …show more content…

That's not a label I would assign myself, but rather one that the world likes to assign to me. It's always hearing someone say, "Are you okay? You're so quiet," when the truth is, I'm perfectly content. I wasn't aware that you were supposed to announce reassurances every few minutes that you are happy, or that you are just enjoying the scenery, or that you like listening to music, or that you are glad you got to spend the day at the mall, so on and so forth. Sorry, I wasn't aware that not constantly narrating my every thought and feeling to the people around me was some kind of...defect. But apparently, that is the case, or so I've been lead to believe based on people's responses to my quietness. Quietness is never supposed to be a default in this society. It's something you deviate to, and if you go there, something must be

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