Quit Day 5 Steps To Quit Smoking

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Tanner Brooks
Mrs. Galbraith
English 101

Last month Jon saw a commercial on T.V. about the harmful effects smoking has on the body. The commercial showed how smoking can lead from things as minor as bad breath and yellow teeth to something as severe as lung cancer. Jon, a frequent smoker, decided he would put down his cigarettes for good. Jon threw his last pack of cigarettes in the garbage that day. Today though, Jon is still smoking. He only went two days without smoking and began to experience great withdrawals. Jon thought he had to buy another pack just to feel better. Jon saw the commercial again today and decided that he could not do this alone; he needed help. Jon called the number on the commercial and began to speak to a specialist who gave him great advice on how to quit his habit for good. The specialist told Jon that there were five steps he needed to follow in order to start his journey to quit smoking. Set a quit date, stay busy, avoid smoking triggers, stay positive, and ask for help from others (“Quit Day:5 Steps”) The first step in the process to smoking is to set a quit date. Setting a quit date requires …show more content…

Quitting smoking is a very hard habit to break, and a good attitude is imperative to one’s success. In order for one to succeed in quitting smoking they must take each day one day at a time and not think of quitting as forever. By living in the moment and paying attention to today the time will add up and in turn will help one stay more positive. Another way to stay positive is to reward one selves for quitting. According to Text from Medline Plus’s article “How to stop smoking: Dealing with cravings” one should:” Plan rewards for each stage of quitting you get through. The longer you go without smoking, the bigger the reward.” A suggestion is for one to reward their self for every week they are smoke free. Make each reward more fun and enjoyable than the

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