Classical Conditioning and Ice Cream Truck

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Functionalistic and Associationistic Theories Discussion 1. What is the different between conditioned and unconditioned responses? Provide at least three examples of each type of response.
Conditioned is a learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus that occurs because of prior conditioning and unconditioned is an unlearned reaction/response to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs without prior conditioning.

2. According to Pavlov, what determines how individuals respond to the environment?
The momentary cortical mosaic determines how an organism will respond to its environment. Pavlov saw the brain as a mosaic of points of excitation and inhibition. Each point on the brain corresponds to an environmental event.
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The kids learned when they hear the ice cream truck, they are getting ice cream.

5. How could you use classical conditioning procedures to help someone quit smoking?
Smoking is a habit and can become classically conditioned to think of a cigarette every time an individual learn to associate the pleasures of smoking with all of their daily activities they usually perform while smoking. For example, if they smoke while drinking a cup of coffee, the sight and smell of a cup of coffee could trigger the craving for a cigarette or if they smoke while driving to work, getting into the car can result in a craving for a cigarette. The smoker needs to identify and plan for all of the places and behaviors they associate with smoking before they are able to quit. Once they have identified all the things that trigger them in the craving. They will have to change their daily routine, so they can eliminate the connection between the triggers and smoking. 6. Can Guthrie’s techniques for breaking bad habits be applied to serious problems in a clinical setting? Why or why not?
Yes Guthrie’s technique in the three methods for breaking habits involved with the threshold method, fatigue method and incompatible response method can be applied to a clinical setting. All of these methods consist in presenting the cues of an undesirable action and seeing to it that the action is not

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