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Performance Management at Vitality Health Enterprises, Inc. 1.) Who should evaluate employee’s performance? What should leaders do when (individual, team, organization) performance is lacking? Every leader in an organization should evaluate employee’s performances, whoever a leader in an organization has it’s own sub-ordinates; their sub-ordinates’ performances should be evaluated. Once an individual, team or organization performances are lacking, leaders should either motivate or penalize the lack of performances. In real world, I think both works. Through a good rewarding system, one should be motivated for gaining a bigger paycheck or recognition form their senior. Everyone gets pay for their services, under a good rewarding…show more content…
In addition to that, many low achievers will be categorized as achiever just as to fill in the spot. Therefore, I suggest constraints should not be set, instead managers should set small targets to each of their employees throughout the years. Every employees achieved one of the many targets may get a credit, one who accumulated certain credit will be automatically classified Achiever or even Top Achiever. This may sounds fairer and most employees will get focus on their own target and get a good scoring once they achieved it. 3.) Is the revised performance management system better than the system it replaced? In what ways? In what ways is it worse? I think both performance management system have their pros and cons in their natural, the replaced system had 13 different ratings levels which can fully represented different employees rating, however the rating system opened the way for managerial abuses. In addition, some managers may worried about offending their employees, therefore, it can’s truly be reflected how’s employees’ real performances. Besides, Managers rarely gave A ratings for fear of upsetting a sense of teamwork within the group, also letting top-performing employees feeling slighted. On the other

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