Race Class And Gender From A New

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a) Many African nations have fallen victim to colonisation and in South Africa, Apartheid, characterised by the separating of people according to their race, left an imprint on people’s lives, which has ultimately affected the ways in which races now associate with each other (Gqola, 2010). Cape town, which is the focus of this assignment was not exempt from this and just by leaving one’s home comfort zone and going to an unfamiliar area in order to observe the daily interactions allows one to gain insight into the intersections of race class and gender from a new, yet somewhat similar environment. In order to get a first-hand experience in Cape Town in an unfamiliar space I visited the Table view area and spent time both engaging with and observing the interactions that took place. Table view is located on the western side of cape town and during my visit I went to a public space know as Bayside Mall, which is frequented by many black, white and some coloured people residing in that area and possibly from outside such as myself. In conjunction with this visit, I also received personal experiences and opinions from black, white and coloured people currently residing in suburbs such as Flamingo Vlei and Parklands who have lived there for a considerable amount of time.

Firstly, I would like to make note of the geographical difference between where I live and the area I visited. Unlike Mowbray, where I currently reside, Table view appears to be a more spacious area with few…

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