Rachel Carson Silent Spring Analysis

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When Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring, she focused mainly on how pesticides affected the environment. She looked at many different types of herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides that caused great harm to everything within an environment. Trying to persuade scientists and officials about these issues that are caused by pesticides. This did a great job at communicating to the public back in the 1960’s, but in today’s world this book would not do a great job at communicating to the public, with the way technology is today. Also, back in the 1960’s this book did a great job at communicating to the public because it was easy to read and follow. Meaning that most people were able to understand the point that Carson was trying to make. Rachel Carson also illustrated the importance of both science and policy within her book, through the multiple examples that she presented in Silent Spring.
When Rachel Carson book was published in 1962, her book did a great job at communicating to the public about how dangerous pesticides actually were. However, in today’s world Silent Spring would not have done as great of a job as communicating to the public due to the technology that people have today. In an article that was published on NBC
News, called “8 in 10 Americans depend on cellphones” written by Athima Chansanchai, shows how 83% of people in America rely on their cellular device in order to function in their daily lives (Chansanchai, 2011). People in today’s world are

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