Racial Differences Of Sexual Prejudice And Its Correlation

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Racial Differences in Sexual Prejudice and Its Correlates among Heterosexual Men Irene Dabion, John L. Peterson, and Dominic J. Parrott One in ten gay men and lesbians have admitted to being a victim to a violent crime. 50% state at some point in their life, they had been insulted or verbally abused. Furthermore, sexual orientation based hate crimes have significantly increased violence and its victims often suffer greater bodily harm. This a growing concern. Introduction Numerous research studies have shown there exists a strong link between sexual prejudice and antigay aggression. In fact, the relationship is so significant anti-bullying campaigns have been developed based off this research. Limitations to these studies However, the majority of research investigating this tendency has been conducted in college towns where the majority of participants were predominantly white and college aged. Hardly representationally of the general population! Furthermore, current research has failed to investigate the effects of cultural beliefs and values on an individual’s prejudices. With the increasing numbers of hate crime being committed, it is the author’s opinion current theories on sexual orientation based prejudice fail to address the numerous issues, lacks information, and fails to account for cultural diversities that exit in the United States today. Present Research In an effort to fill in the gaps researchers, using a descriptive method of research, investigated

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