Racial Discrimination During Mississippi History

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Throughout Mississippi history discrimination due to race has been very prevalent
. Although racial discrimination has occurred all over Mississippi, throughout time extreme measures against blacks occurred early on in the delta. Within the delta, Sunflower country was an area of extreme discrimination and outright hate. White men and even women in Sunflower county and the surrounding areas always made a point to let African Americans know they were not welcome, but starting in the 1950s continuing into the 60s and 80s white community member used education as well as economic pressure to show African American they were not welcome. Early in the 1950s education in Mississippi was segregated. The Brown versus Board education decision caused complete panic in Mississippi due to the fact that it challenged everything Mississippi had ever known. Throughout the state opinions and reactions carried, but in Sunflower county the opinion of prominent whites were clear: Blacks would not be welcome in schools with their children. Two months after the Brown vs Board decision was announced the first Indianola County Citizens Council was held. At this first meeting men of power met to discuss how they were going to stop blacks from organizing in their county. “Herman Moore, president of the Indianola Bank, open the convocation; “This meeting should have been held 30 years ago.. when it was noticeable that the Negro was organizing.”(Moye65) this statement set the tone for how a whole

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